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About Machining

“加工”一词指的是一个完成的过程in which a manufacturer carefully and selectively cuts away material from a workpiece. For example, this process may involve removing burrs from castings, or drilling holes through solid metal components to facilitate mechanical assembly. Surprisingly perhaps, many historians maintain the machining process did not occur as a formal manufacturing step until after the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Machining became a recognized occupation roughly 150 years ago. Today most metal parts fabrication facilities maintain machining divisions.

Common Machining Operations


Turning- 在此过程中,金属工人将工件与切割刀片旋转(经常使用车床)。此操作通常有助于创建圆柱成品零件,例如椅子腿。转弯会创造简单和华丽的形状。

钻孔-A manufacturer pierces a metal workpiece with a rotating cutting blade during drilling. This process results in the formation of cavities or holes. It provides great assistance to manufacturers building mechanical assemblies.

Boring– During boring, a secondary finishing operation, a rotating tool generates a larger cylindrical cavity in a workpiece after drilling. Boring enables a skilled machinist to create an aperture fitting the conformation of a fastening device, for example. It occurs frequently during the construction of finished mechanical assemblies.

Milling– Milling involves the use of a rotary cutting tool to help finish the surface of a workpiece through the selective removal of material. For example, during milling, a manufacturer may grind away a burr to produce a smoother texture. This process frequently involves the use of tools which crush or pulverize surface protrusions.

旋转- 在旋转期间,另一个次要整理操作,配备切割刀片的旋转工具扩大工件中孔的直径。随着钻孔扩大钻孔的腔体,旋转会扩大孔的尺寸。旋转工具使珠宝商可以在玻璃,石头,塑料,木头,骨头或金属珠中扩大狭窄的孔。

加工: Some Important Benefits

The selective removal of workpiece material which occurs during machining supplies some important advantages during manufacturing. First, machining helps ensure mass produced parts conform more closely to their desired specifications. For example, it will enable a manufacturer to cut away burrs which might otherwise prevent the part from meeting quality control parameters.


Third, machining represents a highly cost-effective process for finishing some limited production runs. While generally more labor intensive than some other processes, it usually contributes value to the finished goods. Bunty LLC helps customers plan efficient machining steps.

Why Customers Choose Bunty LLC’s Machining Operations

为什么这么多满意的客户优先选择我们公司的加工操作?华体会网页版狼堡赞助商Bunty LLC将帮助您的企业尽可能高效地提供此完成过程。我们提供的最重要的好处之一包括提供经验丰富的知识渊博的员工的帮助。此外,我们还具有为客户规格设计和生产的高质量定制零件的背景。

您通过依靠Bunty LLC获得的另一个非常重要的优势与我们出色的机械生产能力有关。华体会电子体育平台华体会网页版狼堡赞助商通过允许我们的现代设施为您完成合同加工项目,从而节省了大量时间和资金!我们已经投资了自动化的最先进的生产能力。华体会电子体育平台客户可以取决于我们在高公差内加工金属零件和组件的能力。

We also offer just-in-time delivery. This proven manufacturing step helps contribute to leaner, more robust and agile manufacturing. Trim away unnecessary and time-consuming operations by outsourcing your machining to Bunty LLC’s skilled production team!





Most Frequent Use:这种机械完成粗糙和不规则的表面。

Benefits: Milling creates desired surface textures.


Process: Honing involves the use of a tool designed to help expand holes within precise tolerance ranges utilizing a mechanically rotated abrasive.

Most Frequent Use: This process helps finish the cylinders and gears used in gasoline-powered auto engines.




Most Frequent Use: This process cuts through steel infrastructure.


5-Axis CNC Machining


Most Frequent Use:这些复杂的CNC机器在现代工厂中发现了越来越多的用途,因为软件公司已经编写了涵盖更多组件的程序。该工具有助于完成各种零件。


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