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Ductile Iron Castings

Ductile Iron Castings


During the process of casting a metal part, a manufacturer forms a new solid shape by pouring molten metal into a mold and allowing the material to harden while assuming the conformation of the mold cavity.

Three important ferrous castings have gained commercial importance:

  • 灰铁- 钢作为商业铁含有高达1.7%的碳。制造商有时是指含有高百分比的铁graphite“铁灰色”。这具有成本效益的材料ound wide utility although it does frequently display brittle properties.
  • 可延展的铁– Another specialized form of iron received the popular name “malleable iron” due to its property of出色的柔软度。First developed hundreds of years ago, it contains significantly碳比铸铁少。它permits machining readily after casting.
  • Ductile Iron– Ductile iron casting produces strong ferrous metal parts which display the ability to withstand collisions well without cracking easily. This malleable material has obtained many uses in theplumbing industry。延性铁铸造创造pipesof many sizes; some manufacturers cast large pipes for underground use.

如今,制造商使用许多技术来创建有用的铁和铁合金产品。只有一些流行的商业流程包括铸造,sand casting,centrifugal casting, 和投资铸造


Cast iron gained popularity as a建材during the Industrial Revolution. Yet, this material possesses a brittleness which renders it unsuitable for some building purposes. During the 1940s, researchers reportedly discovered they could enhance cast iron alloys significantly byadding Magnesiumas a constituent prior to casting.

这种修饰改变了颗粒水平上铸造金属零件的组成。它enhances strength and ductility

Ductile iron, due to its enhanced ability to bend and withstand impacts without breaking, gained popularity soon after its introduction into the commercial marketplace. Today, ductile iron castings still enjoy numerous applications.

他们在水和wastewater systems。Reportedly, ductile iron has also found applications within the transportation and汽车行业。


The addition of Magnesium affects the properties displayed by ductile iron. This material demonstrates improved ductile and tensile strength, properties which contribute to its适应性in underground pipes subjected to repeated stress from shifting layers of earth.

延性铁铸件显示比灰铁铸件更大, 例如。它们通过弯曲而不会破裂而吸收影响。

另一个对延性铁的普及极大地贡献的属性与其增强有关ability to resist corrosioncompared with iron.

Today, aging underground infrastructures in some urban areas have sustained problems due to the corrosion of heavy, brittle cast iron pipes installed decades ago (before the widespread use of ductile iron). By contrast, ductile iron pipes will withstand corrosion underground well for spans of150 years, 或者更多。

Advantages of Ductile Iron Castings

Ductile iron castings offer a number of distinct advantages as a commercial product.

  1. 该材料提供更高的strength to weight ratio比一些竞争性的铁合金。它的重量有助于其受欢迎程度,因为制造商可以在某些情况下以成本效益的方式运输它。
  2. Ductile iron castings typically display an出色的表面饰面; this material may require minimal finishing following casting.
  3. 由于延性铁的承受能力良好,因此允许machining。延性铁工件可以承受其他后铸造手术,例如drilling,切割表面处理。For example, in the making of an underground pipe from ductile iron, manufacturers frequently apply涂料
  4. 延性铁供应corrosion resistance,使其能够长时间承受重型磨损。由于此因素,一些专家与轻量级塑料管的竞争类型的比较有利。埋藏的延性铁水和废水管可能会在数十年中保持功能。
  5. 延性铁供应an excellent casting material. Like many other metals, it will acceptfine detailduring casting. We can create a wide array of useful products using this metal alloy.
  6. 制造商有时用延性铁铸件代替了重型钢托并铸造碳钢。尽管该材料对于特定目的的适用性可能取决于许多因素,但在某些情况下,延性铁铸件提供了具有成本效益的替代品for other metal alloys.
  7. Ductile iron castings prove highly suitable for many important管道拟合应用。这种考虑极大地促进了其在管道行业中的知名度。例如,管脚架可以在窃听过程中非常有效地使用这种延展合金。
  8. 它可靠地注册的能力metal detectors还促进了延性铁铸造管作为建筑材料的普及。它的可追溯性使工人能够在水和废水系统维护或改进项目中轻松追踪地下延性铁管的途径。准确地定位埋入管道通常会带来问题,但是使用延性铁管的使用会减少这种关注点。


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