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Progressive Die Stamping

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Progressive Die Stamping

世界各地的制造商经常使用级进模技术,包括级进模冲压Metal stamping works especially wellin forming parts from金属板。This process permitshigh volume production very cost-effectively在某些情况下。

Today, progressive die stamping typically employs a variety of different manufacturing processes involving the use of sheet metals. Production may occur in an automated or a non-automated environment.

Metal stampinginvolves either a单阶段或多阶段。在第一种情况下单压冲程将以所需的方式变换金属条或金属片。相比之下,在多阶段操作中,工件会经历一连串的笔划为了达到指定的形式。

Defining Progressive Die Stamping

级进模冲压描述了一种金属板forming processin which a manufacturer depends upon an organized series of stamping workstations to produce a metal part.


The快速生产过程从一卷金属板开始,到一系列金属零件滚落线结束。较慢的系统可能会从7 to 8 pieces per minute,而一些大批量操作可以产生1500 metal parts per minute

Typically a stock strip carries parts seamlessly through the conveyor system. Stamping operations differ slightly at each workstation along the route. Modifications may include striking, coining or bending the part, which usually becomes separated from the stock strip only during the final phase of the progressive die stamping conveyance line.

Progressive Die Stamping Process




存在multiple stamping stations沿着传送带可以批量生产工件。仔细计算级数和“俯仰距离“在某些情况下,可以长时间保持连续生产。



制造商经常在现代材料制造环境中使用级进模冲压来帮助保持低成本during the course of high volume production runs. Today, this industrial process accounts for the generation of huge quantities of metal parts used in numerous industries.

在级进模冲压过程中使用的常用金属包括黄铜,copper,nickel,aluminumstainless steel。例如,许多金属汽车内饰lend themselves to this form of industrial production.饮料容器制造商经常使用这种工艺生产拉环。

The decision whether or not to use progressive die stamping with a conveyor or a transfer press may depend upon thetotal size of the anticipated production run, the dimensions of the individual workpiece and the complexity of the manufacturing steps required to generate the desired component.




Just consider a few of the benefits manufacturers may obtain by using this technology:

  • 在某些情况下,自动级进模冲压可以非常经济高效地生产大量金属零件。大规模生产技术的使用可能会大大降低成本降低单位价格, for instance.
  • The continuous operation of metal stamping workstations in a progressive die stamping assembly line may enable very快速周转时间.由于单次冲压冲程通常一次冲击多行,因此该过程具有相当高效地生成工件的潜力。快速制造可能有理由投资自动化生产技术。
  • Manufacturers can use this process in an efficient way toreduce waste.By devoting careful attention to the setup process, firms can utilize as much of the raw material as possible, generating a lower quantity of scrap materials. This fact may contribute to the cost-effectiveness of the production process.
  • The adoption of automated progressive die stamping conforms well to the机器人工作站的应用。It potentially requires the use of更少的人类工人而不是其他形式的捏造。如果允许,在某些设施中,连续模冲压输送机可以全天候运行optimized high volume production
  • By using this type of die stamping, potentially manufacturers can达到非常接近的公差。This advantage depends to some extent upon the tools employed and the仔细计算级数和俯仰距离。

Since computers can measure and cut materials with far greater precision than human beings, companies may discover significant advantages in utilizing finely automated mass production methods such asautomated progressive die stamping


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